Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ready to Go

After two days in San Antonio we are heading to "south" Texas. We are going to Harlingen, Texas to see a friend I have known for 10 years but have never met in person. His name is Charles and is the owner of the web site I have worked for Charles since the start of his website in 2001.  You can visit his website by clicking the link above.

An  accident this morning leaving San Antonio held up the traffic for awhile.  We saw another interesting Texas Historical marker at a rest stop. This is where "General Zachary Taylor, commanding the Expeditionary Army of the United States sent to Texas in 1845, encamped on March 15, 1846, while en route with his troops from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande ."  This is near Sarita, Texas.

Had lunch and visited with Charles for a few hours and got back on the road North towards Corpus Cristi. In Harlingen we were only 26 miles from the USA-Mexican Border so had to stop at the inspection station on Interstate 77. Lots of border Patrol vehicles on this road today.