Friday, November 6, 2009

Shasta Lake man who helped build Antlers Bridge attends groundbreaking for its replacement

I travel across the Antlers Bridge twice a day, Monday through Friday. They are going to build a new one that will be done in 2014. Here is a bit of the news.

Myrl Moxley, 89, shakes hands with Eric Akana, project manager with the California Department of Transportation, and Joseph Porra, Caltrans construction representative, during the groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for the new I-5 bridge at Antlers Bay boat ramp. Moxley helped construct the existing bridge 69 years ago as a concrete batch plant worker.

"That bridge will last another 100 years," the Shasta Lake man said matter-of-factly.

It was clear Thursday that Moxley didn't like the idea of seeing something that he'd dumped sweat into as a young adult get torn down.

Moxley was on hand to watch as local leaders, highway officials and community members participated in a rainy groundbreaking ceremony at the Antlers boat ramp on Lake Shasta's Sacramento arm.

When it's finished in 2014, the new 1,942-foot-long, 104-foot-wide, five-lane span will support the 47,500 cars, trucks and big rigs that pass through that stretch of I-5 on its busiest travel days. The old bridge will be torn down.

Officials lauded the project Thursday as a boon for the community of Lakehead, which has been economically struggling in recent years because of low lake levels and high gas prices.